Top 5 of the Week: GROW!

In Your Home: Straw Bale Gardening -- an easy was to start an organic garden in vertually any sunny spot. No digging necessary! Follow these simple instructions. The demonstration we saw suggested planing on all 5 sides.

In the Arts Community: Is it a crashed navy bomber? No, it's a greenhouse! Check out the Grumman Greenhouse by Philly artist Jordan Griska at PAFA's Lenfest Plaza. The converted 45ft cold war era plane will grow nutritive and medicinal plantrs donated by PHS for City Harvest.

In the Neighborhood: Take the R5 to Hawaii until Sunday! The Philadelphia Flower Show is brimming with orchids, volcanoes and waterfalls this year, and there are plenty of exhibits to inspire the local gardener like vertical gardening.

In our Studio: We're growing a guitar show for May. Keep an eye out for unusual guitars popping up all over town. Join the celebration on May 4th.

In our Store: Seed Bombs & 'Shroom Kits: Guerilla gardening has come to Narberth! Toss some seed bombs for an impromptu garden or try growing your own mushrooms with our self-contained kits.